Hurricane Harvey Damage Assessment, Adjuster Placement: Central Region

Hurricane Harvey Damage Assessment, Adjuster Placement: Central Region

Posted on: September 2, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Field Observations

Once the Vanguard team finished surveying the southern region of Houston, we then turned our attention to the central region to get a feel for the toll Hurricane Harvey had taken on that area.

Victoria was the largest city/town near the Harvey landfall and heavily covered by local media. Properties in this area did show quite a bit of wind damage with numerous commercial buildings missing signs, roofs and windows. At least three residential developments showed significant wind damage. Some had trees blown onto roofs and many had signs of high water levels. With that said, considering the frequency Victoria was mentioned in news coverage, the area did not appear as damaged as was expected.


Located northwest of Victoria, a cursory inspection of Yoakum showed the community took more direct damage than its nearby neighbor. Yoakum showed equal signs of clearly evident wind and flood damage.  At the time of our drive through, Yoakum was almost wholly without power outside of a handful of observed generators.

Adjuster Placement

Victoria/Yoakum/Port Lavaca
Due to the distance from Corpus Christi to the south and Houston to the north, it is likely that a separate grouping of adjusters will be needed in Victoria from which Yoakum and Port Lavaca should be easily reached.


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