Unpredictable weather. Reliable response.

Unpredictable weather. Reliable response.

Posted on: July 13, 2017

During the implementation of the new data standards, a successful wholesaler approached us and explained that they didn’t have the infrastructure to comply with the new requirements. So, Vanguard agreed to administer the wholesaler’s MI data, as well as their new and existing claims.

It quickly became apparent that our plan to map data from the wholesalers’ system would not be possible because necessary upgrades from the wholesaler’s vendor had never been made. This effectively “trapped” the data within the wholesaler’s system, making it impossible to export.

While other TPAs may have walked away, we embraced the challenge with dedication and resourcefulness. Vanguard assembled our team of financial administrators, examiners and staff and, over the course of four long weeks, manually extracted thousands of documents—from emails and adjuster reports to photographs and policy forms.

When it was all said and done, every piece of data was recovered, and the process was completed at no additional cost to the client or to Lloyd’s. Our team’s hard work allowed the wholesaler to meet their regulatory requirements and, best of all, step away from daily claims administration so they could concentrate solely on creating their signature programs. We call that a win-win.