Success stories

Our work begins even before a claim occurs.

“How can we help?” is a question we ask our clients regularly. A few years ago, in answer to that question, one of our clients shared their desire to introduce a new coverage line into a highly populated state. Although the client’s idea was solid, they lacked the network to guide the proposal through the Department of Insurance and other regulatory authorities.

That’s when we stepped in on their behalf, identifying compliance counsel, tapping policy creation experts and retaining Statehouse lobbyists. Ultimately, Vanguard also wrote large portions of the policy, conducting multiple meetings with state officials and shepherding the program through the due diligence and approval stages.

The Vanguard team’s complete immersion into the creation of the program, and the new line of authority, allowed the client’s idea to become an approved and active program. Our deep network of insurance professionals on staff and our connections to a breadth of industry-leading experts, has enabled Vanguard to establish a reputation for solving problems both in London and in the U.S. It’s what we do—and we do it every day.

Unexpected complications. Innovative solutions.

In recent years, Lloyd’s of London has been required to increase the scope of the Management Information (MI) data it collects. In turn, the compliance process for TPAs and Wholesalers has become more difficult. Vanguard understood the realities of the new regulations and invested significant resources to update facilities and software to comply, and ultimately, excel in managing data.

While our Vanguard team assisted clients both as a TPA and an independent adjuster in Louisiana and Texas, our critical response to Hurricane Katrina was elsewhere—namely, Long Island, New York.

Because all of the media’s attention was understandably focused on New Orleans, few resources were available to follow the storms’ path of destruction north. So, with little governmental support and an industry almost solely occupied elsewhere, Vanguard poured our efforts into administering both wind and flood losses from the Rockaways to Montauk Point.

Operating under Vanguard’s proprietary CAT Response Plan, our personnel worked tirelessly and continuously for months administering and adjusting thousands of losses and bringing comfort and closure to insureds’ suffering “below the radar.” Our flexibility and commitment were an absolute requirement as we were determined to see every loss fully paid and closed before we called the job done. It just goes to show that our commitment to our clients and their insureds is absolute.

Unpredictable weather. Reliable response.

On August 28, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and surrounding areas. Though slow in responding, FEMA and other government agencies progressively poured support and attention into the region, supplying necessary resources.

During the implementation of the new data standards, a successful wholesaler approached us and explained that they didn’t have the infrastructure to comply with the new requirements. So, Vanguard agreed to administer the wholesaler’s MI data, as well as their new and existing claims.

It quickly became apparent that our plan to map data from the wholesalers’ system would not be possible because necessary upgrades from the wholesaler’s vendor had never been made. This effectively “trapped” the data within the wholesaler’s system, making it impossible to export.

While other TPAs may have walked away, we embraced the challenge with dedication and resourcefulness. Vanguard assembled our team of financial administrators, examiners and staff and, over the course of four long weeks, manually extracted thousands of documents—from emails and adjuster reports to photographs and policy forms.

When it was all said and done, every piece of data was recovered, and the process was completed at no additional cost to the client or to Lloyd’s. Our team’s hard work allowed the wholesaler to meet their regulatory requirements and, best of all, step away from daily claims administration so they could concentrate solely on creating their signature programs. We call that a win-win.